Our Mission

We employ 21st Century technology for new drug discovery and repositioning of existing drugs to deliver healthcare solutions to individual patients faster, safer, and cheaper.

A Crisis in Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical companies are facing increasingly greater obstacles when developing and bringing innovative drugs to market. Their business model of developing and commercializing blockbuster drugs has become too expensive and slow and is therefore unsustainable. They are also not equipped to address orphan or other relatively rare diseases.

Pharmaceutical companies need to reduce costs, improve R&D capabilities, access emerging technologies, and bring medications to market faster and more efficiently. This will require partnerships outside their organizations (PWC’s Pharma 2020: Challenging business models).

Our Response

Combine a unique package of drug discovery and precision medicine services with access to a large array of animal models to increase the probability of new drug success.

Offer systematic drug discovery services to reduce risk and increase drug discovery and development success rates.

Address four disease fields: Cancer, Neurological disorders, Metabolic disease, and Orphan/Neglected diseases.